At Roozen's, after 35 years in the marine aquarium business, our philosophy is that "nature is difficult to improve upon". This is why we have built our 25,000 gallons system that uses natural sunlight for growth and the earth underground as a cooling system. Additionally our holding systems are 200-50 gallon tanks that have room for both small and large specimens.

Our aquatic system and species are overseen by our permanent staff of "experts", Jos, Bobby, Larry and Tyrone, who are glad to assist and offer suggestions to our customers.

Roozen also prides itself on keeping the best and healthiest stock possible through wholesale, avoiding middlemen and holding species along the way which can cause contamination, damage and harm to creatures.

Our company and store is strategically located near three major airports, with access to First Class, Express non-stop flights for delivery of shipments nationwide, with lower rates for volume shipping orders and speedier arrival of goods.

We invite you to come and view our great stock of corals, exotic fish and variety of marine species at our store in Maryland.

Any Questions call us at:
1(800) 721-6003
or (301)248-2500